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EVANGELISM: THE CHURCH ON FIRE! (Sumner) 220 pgs Dr. Adrian Rogers, 3-time president of the Southern Baptist Convention, long pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in the Memphis area, international radio and television speaker, said: “In my estimation, it is one of the most valuable volumes for a minister with an evangelistic heart that I have every read. It has a wealth of good illustrations. It is practical and inspirational at the same time. I highly recommend it… .” Originally presented as “Lectures on Evangelism” at the Grand Rapids Baptist College and Seminary, these 10 chapters with its 220 power-packed pages will convince you, “Elijah’s God still lives today!” An Illinois minister, Rev. Thomas H. Olney, testified: “… outside of the Bible, this is the most challenging book I have ever read. I mean that with all my heart.”