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JESUS CHRIST IS GOD (Sumner)This is a major study dealing with the Deity of Jesus Christ
and the orthodox teaching of the Trinity. Originally written as an
exposé of Victor Paul Wierwille’s cult, “The Way International,”
this 329-page is scholarly, thoroughly documented and with a Scriptural
index making it a handy reference work. While The Way began to drop in popularity
shortly after this book was released, it remains an excellent tool for use regarding
Jehovah’s Witnesses and all other groups denying the Trinity and/or the full Deity of Jesus Christ.
Dr. Bruce M. Metzger, Princeton Theological Seminary, noted textual authority, wrote:
“I have read the book with much appreciation and satisfaction. I hope that because of this book
the insidious influence of Victor Paul Wierwille has been curtailed. Your unmasking of his chicanery
is thorough and effective.”