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LETTERS TO TERESA, Studies in Roman Catholicism


LETTERS TO TERESA, Studies in Roman Catholicism (Fisk) 91 pgs
Unlike other books on Catholicism, which often merely quote each other,
this is a fresh, original study. It consists of letters the author penned to
a loved one who was considering converting to Roman Catholicism, urging her to reconsider.
Dr. Lehman Strauss, a noted Bible teacher, wrote in the Introduction: “Mr. Fisk has written an
interesting and informative work. His careful research in the teachings of the Roman Catholic
Church and his interpretation of the Scriptures supported by clear exegesis meetings a
great need in this present hour. …Today we have a new breed known as ‘evangelical catholic.’
But this title is a forgery. There is no such person. Mr. Fisk shows clearly that Rome has not changed,
nor will she ever.”