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MAN SENT FROM GOD, Enlarged, Updated Biography of John R. Rice


MAN SENT FROM GOD, Enlarged, This is the revised, updated
authorized biography of Dr. John R. Rice, noted evangelist, prolific author
(over 200 books, at least 37 languages, combined circulation over 60 million
copies by the time of his decease), founder and editor of The Sword
of the Lord for more than 46 years. The editor of The Faith & Free Press said of this book,
in part: “This reviewer can testify that of all the biographies
he has read … none were so uplifting and inspiring as this one.” Dr. Lee Roberson said:
“It is excellent, inspiring, encouraging. I have read every bit of it andz,
my own ministry has been blessed by the reading.” A lengthy review, written by
Dr. George S. Reuter, Jr., Research director of the American Federation of
Teachers was placed in the Congressional Record by a senior Arkansas senator,
calling it “one of the best biographies of this century about one of
the greatest men who has ever lived.”