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This title has just been reprinted with another message added. Regarding one of its messages, “Slipping Into Hell,” an Iowa businessman testified: “…should be listed among the masterpieces of evangelical literature.” The late Dr. John R. Rice, founder and editor of The Sword of the Lord, wrote: “We cannot recommend too strongly that every home possible should own this book. These sermons will inspire and start fires burning and give suggestions and illustrations and outlines for preachers…They read easily and leave a lasting impact.” And the Baptist Bible Tribune said: “As in any of Sumner’s works, the material is clearly marked by those attributes which equip him for his multifarious duties. As winner of the first place prize in a national contest of sermons, the author displays an adequate knowledge in the science of homiletics and proves his ability to arrange and present material…The mes-sages are bibliocentric and worthy of a place in your library.”