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It is with unspeakable joy that I write the Foreword for Dr. Robert L. Sumnerís book. This is Round Two of a very profound literary work and while most people do not get a knockout in Round Two, Dr. Sumner does. He puts the hit right on the chin of Satan and knocks him to the floor. As we all know, Satan is not out but he is wonderfully wounded by the pen of this gifted servant of Christ. I have known Dr. Sumner all my adult life and have been blessed by his prolific writing of over 40 books. Time and again in publications like The Sword of the Lord and The Biblical Evangelist Dr. Sumner has enriched my life with his ability to express what is on his heart. What I admire most about Dr. Sumner is his inability to compromise. In this day of accommodation, cowardice and lack of courage in the ministry, Dr. Sumner stands strong on biblical truth. He believes as I do that moderate heat can never boil water. He is strong without being rude; straightforward without being strident; and prophetic yet still Christlike. - Dr. Bailey Smith (from the Foreward)