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All of Dr. Robert Sumner's booklets (including some out of print) are now available in one vol. 512 pp., 19 chapters, foreword by Dr. Jerry Vines. ESSAYS AIMED AT CHRISTIANS -- Chapter 1 Bible Translations -- Chapter 2 Fundamentalist Foibles -- Chapter 3 Balaam: The World’s First Ecumenical Evangelist -- Chapter 4 An Examination of TULIP: The ‘Five Points’ of Calvinism -- Chapter 5 The Biggest, Meanest Crook in the World -- Chapter 6 The Christian Who Refused to Go to Church -- Chapter 7 Separation from Sin & Worldliness -- ESSAYS IN DEFENSE OF THE WORD OF GOD -- Chapter 8 The “New” Bible: An Appraisal of the RSV -- Chapter 9 The Interpreter’s Bible: A Review & Exposé -- Chapter 10 Falsities of Seventh-day Adventism -- Chapter 11 Does the Bible Teach Water Baptism Is Necessary for Salvation? -- Chapter 12 Herbert W. Armstrong – A False Prophet -- Chapter 13 Is Armstrong’s Cult Now Orthodox? -- Chapter 14 Kennedy for President? -- Chapter 15 Mormonism: A Soul Damning Religion -- ESSAYS AIMED AT CONVERSION -- Chapter 16 The Wonder of the Word of God -- Chapter 17 Sin’s Surprises! -- Chapter 18 The Blight of Booze -- Chapter 19 Heaven Can Be Yours! --